Friday, July 5, 2013

For Crying Out Loud!

It’s 3:43am and my 7 month old is wailing, as she’s done for the past 210 nights. I’ve read all the books and talked to doctors and well-meaning friends. I know, intellectually, that picking her up and giving her a bottle will be counterproductive to helping her learn to fall asleep on her own. But sometimes that long-term strategic thinking is difficult to maintain when I’m TIRED and all I want to do is STOP THE SCREAMING!!
It’s now 4:02 and I’m struck by the irony of the situation. I frequently have conversations with my HR colleagues who know they should take the time to create a more strategic, predictive hiring process. But the hiring manager is screaming for the position to be filled quickly. And even though this short-term thinking will result in having to re-fill the position in a few months, there is so much pressure and such insistence… sometimes it’s just easier to give in.
I suspect we will both reach a point where we say “no more!”  It doesn’t make sense to keep putting a band-aid on the situation when what we really need to do is address the problem with the precision of a surgeon—a full diagnostic work up, then the creation and execution of a plan the fixes the problem once and for all. We need to stop spinning our wheels and gain some traction on the problem so we can finally get some rest for crying out loud!
When you get to this point, I can help you analyze your hiring needs and find an instrument that will measure the right things to be effective in solving your problem… And I won’t even ask you to come over at 3am and help me solve mine!